Step into the Future of Communication: Virtual and Reality Unite!

Unlock the potential of video and online content, the modern keys to effective communication. Elevate audience engagement with live videos that outshine on-demand content. Seamlessly connect and interact globally, making connections, learning and product showcases in the digital realm.

Experience limitless creativity within our high end greenscreen studio, where virtual worlds merge seamlessly with live action. Capture entire scenes in an instant, eliminating lengthy post-production delays. Trim costs and save time, effortlessly sharing your content.
Beyond virtual, we embrace 'Reality.' From on-location presentations to captivating TV talk shows, we cater to every production need. Capture live main events like concerts and summit speeches, infusing real-world energy into your content.

ViRe Media's power lies in blending 'Virtual' and 'Reality' into a dynamic hybrid production. Imagine talk shows where remote speakers deliver keynotes alongside in-studio guests, breaking barriers of distance.

Alternatively, redefine virtual experiences for online viewers using our advanced technology. Elevate engagement, captivate your audience, and explore extraordinary possibilities with ViRe Media. Your future of interactive content begins here.
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Unleash Your Vision with Virtual Productions!

Step onto our expansive 210m2 green screen studio and discover a world of possibilities. Our cutting-edge technology transforms concepts into amazing content, whether it's a solo shot or a star-studded TV talk show. Picture a car in a commercial or a piano resonating on top of a mountain - the sky's not even the limit!

Imagine the convenience - shooting at 3, maybe even 5 diverse locations, all in a single day without the hassle of travel and setup.

Our tracking technology gives us wings - move the camera, and the virtual world moves with it. Follow subjects, pan, zoom, and create breathtaking fly-ins and outs, all while preserving the seamless illusion with the 3d background.
Feel the reality in every frame - it's not just a backdrop; it's a world you step into. Our 3D wizardry or your own design can form the backdrop, tailored to your script's rhythm.

Enter the realm of In Camera Video FX (ICVFX) - where live 3D graphics merge with real-time camera data. Enjoy instant VR-world feedback for you and your products. This method saves post-production time, eliminating tedious merges, ensuring what you see is what you get.

Witness your creation in motion, change setups with ease, all while basking in consistent lighting. Whether sunrise or sunset, seize your magical moments with us.

Ignite your imagination, amplify your production, and experience a world where possibilities know no bounds.
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3 packages

Bring Your Own Device

If you just need a green screen you can just rent it. We provide the basic lighting of the studio. You bring your own equipment, props and other facilities needed for your production. If you do need some extra equipment on the spot, we can help you out with our cameras, autocues, lights, monitors and more.

Basic Greenscreen

Need to shoot a video production or an item against a greenscreen and just a photo or artwork as a background? No fancy 3D or virtual reality? Let us help you with that. Providing artwork to insert behind the presenter, to give your presentation that extra touch. Escape the standard studio setting.

Immersive Experience

Want to overwhelm your guests with a full immersive 3D live show? Where you can walk inside a 3D world and have multiple camera's follow you, matching every movement with the 3D world? We use the same technology as in TV shows as the Mandalorian or the Marvels movie pictures. Make a next level presentation.
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Unleash the Power of Reality

When our have a in-live event and have speakers on stage on speaking via a remote call. Together with a audience in the venue and online. We are there to help you manage all the technology and give the audience a experience as if the speaker is with them in the hall and engaged. Possible having Q&A sessions were the remote speaker can see the person asking the question.

And for the online viewers giving them the best possible experience to watch the event. With views of the event hall. Speakers on stage and the remote speakers. Showing the slide deck and other sources of value for the viewing experience
To capture your event and direct it we use industry stand broadcast equipment of brands like Sony, Canon and Blackmagic. We can connect up to 30 source and mix and route these various destinations. Have up to 10 direct recordings (iso recordings) form the event to use for recuts or other content applications.

We can stream to multiple platforms at once. All major platforms a option. Event streaming the video feeds to for instance the NPO Broadcast network for TV.
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Let's create memories together

From comprehensive online productions to exclusive content, our studio brings your vision to life. With top-tier 4K cameras and a experienced team of directors and technicians, we create captivating shows and presentations that stand out.

Real-time streams, social media mastery, and direct broadcasting on platforms like Facebook, YouTube, and Vimeo are all within the possibilities.

Our digital designers excel at tailored content, ensuring your production bears your unique brand. Our passion lies in brainstorming endless possibilities for your concept and live event.

Where can you find us

We offer more than just production – think interior decoration, skilled presenters, and entertainment like dancers, DJs, and musicians to elevate your event.

Visit our studios in Amstelveen, just moments away from Amsterdam and Schiphol. With ample parking, expansive production areas, meeting-ready office spaces, dressing rooms, and a fully-equipped kitchen, we have everything to make your production extraordinary. Join us and transform your vision into unforgettable reality!

ViRe Media BV
Schweizerlaan 32
1187 JD Amstelveen

For more info contact us via or call Harmen +31 6 15 06 26 00 \\ Chip +31 6 17 78 67 77

ViRe Media BV x Greenscreen Studio Amsterdam \\ Chamber of Commerce 88154092 \\ VAT reg. NL864520621B01